Welcome to the Skills page of KotoR! This is a list of all the skills in KotoR, and an overview on th eeffect skills have on gameplay.

Skills Overview Edit

Skills have a direct effect on gameplay and can be used to manipulate certain objects to the player's favor. Skill points can be distributed at level up, and depending on the character's class (soldier, Scoundrel, Sentintel, etc.) the number of skill points and the cost per skill may be different.

Class Skills Edit

Class Skills are skills that are directly related to the character's class, and thus only cost one skill point per level up. They also can be leveled more in a single level-up than cross-class skills.

Cross-class Skills Edit

Cross-class Skills directly contradict the character's vocation, and cost two skill points to level up one. They also have a lower maximum skill level than class skills.

Skills List Edit

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