Taris is the first planet visited in KOTOR.  The capital of Taris covers almost the entire planet, and consists of many levels.  


After escaping the Endar Spire in an escape pod, Revan and Carth Onasi hide out in an abandoned apartment in the Upper City apartments of Taris.  Carth finds out that Bastila Shan, a Jedi Padawan with powers crucial to the Republic war effort, crashed her escape pod into the Undercity.  Revan and Carth journey to the Lower City where they find out from the Hidden Beks that Bastila was taken by a rival gang, the Black Vulkars to be used as a prize for the upcoming swoop race.  They agree to steal back a swoop accelerator that the Vulkars stole from the Beks.  A swoop bike with the accelerator can outrun any other.  Revan also agrees to race for the Hidden Beks in order to win Bastila's freedom.  They are told to journey to the Undercity to find Mission Vao, a young twi'lek who can help them break into the Vulkar base.

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