List of AntagonistsEdit

  1. Darth Malak: He serves as the primary antagonist in Kotor 1.
  1. Calo Nord: A Bounty Hunter that is hired by Darth Malak to hunt Bastila and eliminate her companions.
  1. Darth Bandon: An apprentice of Darth Malak, who is ordered by his master to capture Bastila and also eliminate her companions.
  1. Chuundar: The newly appointed Wookie chieften that is Zaalbar's brother, and has allied with Czerka.
  1. G0-T0:
  1. Davik:
  1. Vaklu:
  1. Darth Nihilus: He serves as the 3rd primary antagonist in Kotor 2.
  1. Darth Sion: He serves as the 2nd primary antagonist in Kotor 2.
  1. Kreia: She is the 1st primary antagonist in Kotor 2.

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